Victorville Motors - Fiat 500 Review from Corona, California

Not resolved
Value for money

Victorville motors are not capable doing what they promise. I have bought a car asking to tint that car and they have taken all day to tint the car however car came back to me with window scratch with blade knife, I iimdiatrly showed Trevor.

He agreed that is terrible job and gave me business card for Sylvia Rijas-McMahon. Who heard my complaine following day by didnot call me back but told me she didnot hear my cell number, I give her benefit of the fought. She told me it would be taken care of that day however we had a discussion that I would bring car back and she would offer a car for me while my car gets redone. However same day the tint place class me saying I need to bring the car back to check video, why is it now my responcibity to do so when she is the person paid to do her guest relationship job.

I told her car was sold to me with one key and manager not sales man didnot ever mansion that they didnot have a second key until sales was done deal. As my husband and I waiting for second key they couldnot find the second key. I asked to be made second key manager told no to his sales guy and send him to us to inform us that we would not get second key. Manager didnot care about his customer and this lady Sylvia oviously also cannot do the job she signed up for.

She says one thing says another thing next day. She told me my car will be redone but today she tells me I need to take the car to the tint place, why should I need to waste another day. I dropped my car at 9:45 am and I was picked up at 5:30 pm to go pick up my car, all day I was without a car. She goes back on her word.

Now today she has I need to take my key matter up with the sales guy when sales guy and his manger didnot tell us the truth when car was sold. This is her action towards my complain. She oviously cannot perform her job shame on you. This is how you treat your customer who just bought a new car, she was telling me I didnot see the car so I donot know.

The sales guy saw the car so he knows. This is her answer today after days of waiting when Trevor refer my issue to her.

She didnot care to help at all instead pushing me off to another place to another person. 949 689 3966

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Victorville Motors in Tupper Lake, New York - Damaged my vehicle and refused to fix it

Tupper Lake, New York
Not resolved

I brought my vehicle to this dealer for warranty service. When I was leaving I noticed that they had damaged my window - I went back right away (I had not even left the parking lot yet) and spoke to the service manager.

He told me that the window was damaged when I brought the vehicle in - it was not - and then told me that I wouldn't have noticed it anyway because my window was dirty! The window was dusty but it is the desert after all - my vehicles are always clean. I tried to contact the dealership manager and chrysler to make a complaint but got no response.

I filed a report with the better business bureau and the service manager went so far as to call me a liar and said I cursed at him when I returned to the dealership. I would advise anyone to be cautious when using the service department here.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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